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How To Maintain Your Kayak

Once you've found the perfect kayak for you, and you're ready to go kayaking, there's one other thing that you need to learn about first. You need to know how to take care of your kayak, otherwise, you may find that your kayak doesn't last nearly as long as you would like it to. Considering how much kayaks tend to cost, this should definitely be a priority for you.
IntroHow to fix a plastic kayak or canoe

This is an instructable describing a really easy and cheap way of effectively repairing cracks in your kayak or canoe, using nothing more than a drill, cloth tape and a hair dryer.
I was given a kayak but it had six cracks in the hull and would eventually take on lots of water.
I had two options: scrap it or repair it. It didn't cost me anything, so I thought I'd try to repair it.

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